brackets for Universal Air bags

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  1. eight08customs

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    so only 4 brackets? whats going on the top?
  2. eight08customs

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    I really think you better re post this. it dont make any sence.. very missleading
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    PLEASE REPOST ... doesnt want to misslead anyone on what comes with our kits. WE have a name to up keep!


    8 brackets ..4x threraded lower perches.. and 4x upper bag mounts.
    includes all bolts.

    These brackets are for the MEGAN set ups only. Due to the thread size and pitch.

    Does not include Bags or fittings.
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  4. sessions-usa1

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    ok got u
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  5. sessions-usa1

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    better pics

  6. eyedea

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    These brackets are pretty awesome, and when it comes to safety..they are a no brainer. Makes want to get the air sus bug again.


    fuck, i might have to consider air now.........

    all megans are the same for this purpose?

    meaning this will work for y33 specific or s14 coilovers?
  8. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    Yes! But which megans do you have?
  9. eight08customs

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    there all the same.. the tread pitch on the megas are all the same.. it doesnt differ on a differant app.

    SO yes they will work.
  10. eight08customs

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    Easily convert your Megan coilovers to an air ride suspension system. If you already have Megan coilovers and you want to convert to air ride, ForjWorks has a bolt on bracket and air bag system for you.

    Photos of Fully Assembled AIR SYSTEMS AIR OVER BRACKET SYSTEM. (MEGAN System)
    These plates are CNC cut to exact thread ptich and dimentions. Pakerized to add corrosion protection.

    We have ten sets made order through Sessions USA as they are not up on the site yet.

    They are MSRP 190.00 a Kit. 2 Kits are needed for cars with 4 struts.

    Introductory VIP Style Cars Pre Order Special 150.00 a kit. Only 9 (4 Struts) kits at this price.

    Also Avalible with UAS Aero Sport Strut bags. Additonal 189.00

    And complete Forjworks Air systems kits Availible. Email for more info.

    Forjworks AIR OVER BRACKET SYstem for Megan Coil overs.
    These mounts are threaded so they will thread onto the exisiting threads on the body of the coil overs.

    Assmebled System

    These are made to fit the Universal Air Suspension Aero Sport Sturt Bags

    LOcking nut Locked against the mount

    Locking nut Not locked


    Top Plate Machined to fit shaft so no rattling sounds
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  11. labguy94

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    This looks awesome. I'm new to the site - and am currently researching and considering new suspension options. Will these work for the 1st Gen G35 (sedan) Megan coilover too?
  12. hondaboi

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    Will the megan be the same for D2?

    D2 for MKiV supra coilovers.

    I just wanted to confirm first.


    ok so now my head is spinning. if i wanted to run this just on the fronts for a system similar to like a cup kit just to get over bumps and dips, would it not be worth the work to install just the fronts and might as well do the full kit?


    so for this preoerder it's 150 for all 4 struts?
    how much is shipping to so cal 91010?
  15. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    check pm plz.
    you need 2 set. per set is $150.
    so for all four struts $300+shipping+paypal fees


    Thanks for the response, but what about just running in the fronts? Worth the effort?
  17. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    welcome. sure yes you can.
  18. FLSImages

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    this is so freakishly awesome. finally someone making something worthwhile, where was this 3 year sago
  19. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    i know!!!! we work at hawaiian time
  20. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    MSRP at $180+shipping+paypal

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