BPVIP LS460 build

Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by BPVIP, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. BPVIP

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    Thanks guys
  2. BPVIP

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    yup face and lips
  3. princeholiday

    princeholiday Member

    Hey, what made you sell your F50 and switch to the Lexus?

    Also, what is your opinion on the good, bad and ugly differences between the Lexus and your old F50? Interior features? Exterior features? Ride? Quieter inside while driving? etc...? Thanks.
  4. BPVIP

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    F50 = Much more room for aggressive wheels, powerful engine, love the head lights and the side mirror lights. didnt like the computer system layout and the instrument layout kinda weird placement in the dash..also the rear seat room is next to nothing for such a big car..parts are hard to come by in the state since the car was stop being brought over here in 2006 (last year model).

    LS460 much smoother ride and the engine gets better mileage ave 20miles per gallon. Lots of room front and rear, also powerful engine on the highway when I step on it, it just seems to go and go=) parts are Expensive window visors $800 OEM Toyota REALYY!!! F50 $180 OEM Nissan shipped from Japan. Wheel size are limited 22-21 and 21 tires are very limited sizes and expensive. Sus in the Ls460 is complicated and arms are not usable with other cars so parts are Expensive unless you make them yourself. My F50 I used 350z camber arms and front Shock top hat used from a y33-M35.

    Hope that helps...
  5. bluwagun

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    Nice 460 bro! I just picked one up myself, I cant wait to mod it. Keep up the good work
  6. icenpinki

    icenpinki New Member

    Looks great! I'm so close to selling the SC430 and getting one of these bad boys.
  7. BPVIP

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    Little update I got the rear reverse light strip tinted =)


  8. BPVIP

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    last BPVIP Cars n Coffee meet 5/5/13

  9. Ceri_us

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    beautifully done bro.
  10. Midway-VIP

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    sexy lady
  11. brainneeded

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    damn that looks so gangsta tucking.
  12. BPVIP

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    Thanks guys!
  13. timmy0tool

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    what tint did you use on the tails? looks great!
  14. BPVIP

    BPVIP New Member

    Just tail light tint, but only tinted the clear part of the tail lights not the red parts.

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