Bought an M37X. Goals and questions...

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    Hey I have been a lurking/reading member here for 12 years and last night I finally bought a 2012 Platinum Graphite M37X. AWD because I live in Lake Tahoe. It was late so here's the only pic I have in less than 24 hours. Nothing special, little bit of minor wear and tear here and is non Sport model, but a decent starting point.

    Basic first goals include suspension, brakes, and of course wheels and tires. I considered putting it on bags but think I am going to just do coilovers and all the associated arms, links etc. There doesn't seem to be nearly as much aftermarket support and information for these as Lexus platforms, and I am obsessing over wheel fitment and sourcing suspension parts.

    One thing I am confused about is suspension parts interchangeability or not with G37 and 370Z. Both of those chassis have tons of aftermarket support, and some vendors show parts as a crossover with the M37, some do now. Can anyone help with more info on this?

    Most likely coilovers are first and I am a bit of a snob for higher end suspension with superior valving, but there don't seem to be a lot of coilover options listed for the M/Q. No hate on anyone who is happy with theirs but I kind of cringe at the thought of putting BC coilovers on this car. I have $4500 custom built JRZ two-ways on my Evo, and King external reservoir coilovers on my Tundra, for example.

    KW offers their coilovers for the G and Z, but I don;t know whether these will for the M?
    Same with Stance.
    The only coilovers besides BC that are listed for the M37, and specifically AWD are Feal. Most people seem pleased enough with Feal so I am thinking about it.

    I know a few JDM VIP Brands offer coilovers for the Y51 but I don;t want to pay for basically re-marketed BCs or wait months for them to come from Japan.

    The T-Demand arms and lowering knuckles look like really nice and well designed stuff but are crazy expensive and I don't want to wait months to get them from Japan either. The full set up from T-Demand is $6800 US WITHOUT COILOVERS, before shipping etc!

    SPL parts seems to offer every arms, link, etc. I would want.

    For wheels, I need help. The Y51 seems like a "go big or go home" platform, to a point. I want 19 or 20" in the lowest possible offset at the maximum width. As aggressive as possible with a roll/cut and reasonable amount of negative camber. I would like to get a year or close out of tires if I rotate them. Being AWD, overall diameter is important so I am considering going to a square setup. I know a lot of people run staggered and I am into but managing the diameter seems a little complicated.

    For my first set up, I am thinking about 19x10 +22 all around, while I dial in ride height and alignment with all the arms/links. this is pretty wide and low offset in the front, which I know will require additional front camber, but I like/am used to that from my track cars in the past and I like the look.

    What do you all think?
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