Big Ty's GS @ LibertyViP

Discussion in 'The Photo Gallery' started by TristateViP, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. TristateViP

    TristateViP New Member

    Did a quick shoot of Ty's beautiful GS better pics and location coming soon


    2. [​IMG]

    3. [​IMG]


    5. [​IMG]

    6. [​IMG]

    7. [​IMG]

    8. [​IMG]

  2. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

  3. ni5mo240

    ni5mo240 New Member

    beautiful car!!
  4. brainneeded

    brainneeded Active Member

    love the lips on the new scara's. of course the car is dopeness too!
  5. EstimaBoy

    EstimaBoy New Member

    That's hot! love it
  6. VIPStyleCars

    VIPStyleCars Guest

    looks so good!
  7. NPatel

    NPatel New Member


    really nice.....

    MELOMEL New Member

    TY is killen it this summer
  9. NELSON09

    NELSON09 Active Member

  10. infini

    infini New Member

    Very classy! I am curious, are the neck rests custom? I need Light gray leather ones made I think since I can't find them anywhere. Hmmm I guess I should try and ask TY.

    DIRTYATL Active Member

    So clean
  12. Rodneyc77

    Rodneyc77 New Member

    Official... Ty has really stepped it up... :biggthumpup:
  13. BIG TY

    BIG TY Member

    Thanks guys:biggthumpup:
  14. MrExecutiv

    MrExecutiv New Member

    seats look good, and the custom rear table is cool.
  15. AME_VIP

    AME_VIP New Member

    Oh so nice!!
  16. tommiedred

    tommiedred New Member

    Get'em ty!!:biggthumpup:
  17. F.L.S.

    F.L.S. New Member

    wow :cool2:
  18. phillygs3

    phillygs3 New Member

    You already know how I feel about the ride homie :biggthumpup:
  19. MR.J

    MR.J New Member

    That interior is so classy!.
  20. kingpin

    kingpin New Member

    .. damm liberty is on fire ..

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