Big Ty's 2013/2014 VIP build

Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by BIG TY, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. BIG TY

    BIG TY Member

    before pic

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  2. BIG TY

    BIG TY Member

    on the way to DK

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  3. BIG TY

    BIG TY Member

    Wheels are wider..

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  4. speedaddict

    speedaddict bippu cowboy

    Hottest 2GS build right now for sure
  5. 1lexus2c

    1lexus2c New Member

    Just saw an update! Damn shits crazy
  6. aristo909

    aristo909 New Member

  7. Schnitz

    Schnitz Active Member

  8. BAHC

    BAHC New Member

    looks good ty
  9. sojah

    sojah Member

    just saw the updates on CL and have to say once again that it is looking killer... really feeling that mode parfume kit and the pin stripe,, oh yeah and those wheels are ummm,,, whats a good adjective¿,,, saiko ^ ^ ^
  10. Rodneyc77

    Rodneyc77 New Member

    It's official Big Ty... Crazy... I couldn't stop looking at all the details... well thought out and executed. Enjoy it...
  11. icenpinki

    icenpinki New Member

    You already know how I feel about the car. It's just sick.
  12. BIG TY

    BIG TY Member

    Thanks VSC for the love. I also want to thank Will, Chris and Rod for taking the 4hrs ride each way to get the car, you guys are the homo
    I been a little busy working on the interior but I will update soon. Rubin and Eddie I don't have words to thank you guys for all your help. Thank you all again...
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  13. F.L.S.

    F.L.S. New Member

    came out phenomenal Ty!
  14. prtaino

    prtaino New Member

    Sick build dude
  15. jeebus

    jeebus Active Member

    This should be interesting. Typically I haven’t been too impressed with widened 2GS here in the states due to the body lines in the back.
  16. Rodneyc77

    Rodneyc77 New Member

  17. Juzzo

    Juzzo VSC Super Moderator

    So fucking hot! Good job Ty:biggthumpup:
  18. BPVIP

    BPVIP New Member

    Damn very nice!!

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