Bellezza Curtain...different colors!!

Discussion in 'PG Motoring USA' started by pgmotoringusa, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. EXE.UCF10

    EXE.UCF10 Member

    Picked up a set yesterday at PG Motoring. Thanks Wilson and Brian. :biggthumpup:
  2. uprising

    uprising New Member

    I want two sets of black in medium
  3. jdmsole06

    jdmsole06 New Member

    how much shipped to 89032? one pair in black small size
  4. pgmotoringusa

    pgmotoringusa VSC Vendor

    Medium blacks are out of stock right now. I will be getting more in pretty soon. You can make a special order to reserve your sets. PM me.
  5. NBPUA5

    NBPUA5 New Member

    I got a question, once they are installed, can you leave the rails on and remove the curtains itself easily???

    Depends on my passengers, may need to take them off.

    Thanks in advance
  6. ebruce2

    ebruce2 New Member

    if they're like any other curtains out there, they have caps on the ends of the rails. all you have to do is take the caps off, slide the curtains out. Thats it
  7. V.I.P.

    V.I.P. New Member

    just got these in the shipping was super fast.

  8. mebippu

    mebippu New Member

    anymore mediums in white 2 sets preferably?
  9. marklip

    marklip New Member

    What material are the curtains made of?
    Cotton, Silk, Etc.
  10. lowvanu2

    lowvanu2 Member

    I would like 4 seta tan for a RA1 (1st gen Odyssey), but I don't know the sizes...
  11. pgmotoringusa

    pgmotoringusa VSC Vendor

    you have PM.

    they are made of a polyester material

    I believe it is Medium Size. How many windows are you trying to cover? 4 sets is 8 curtains.
  12. lowvanu2

    lowvanu2 Member

    3 sets for the sides, the 2 front doors, the 2 rear doors, the 2 rear bench windows, and 2 to cover the rear hatch window...
  13. pgmotoringusa

    pgmotoringusa VSC Vendor

    You will need 3 sets M and 1 set S size.
  14. JH282

    JH282 New Member

    I paid for a set on Tuesday and got them today. (Thursday) They look great and shipping is rediculously fast. Thanks Wilson. BTW PMed you about a UA set up. Let me know what's up.
  15. lp_yang

    lp_yang New Member

    let me get 2 tan for 90-94 ls400....i think the size is small
  16. burgy

    burgy New Member

    $80 a pair right, so two pair will do all four front and back door windows??
  17. lp_yang

    lp_yang New Member

    pm sent.........
  18. Neo300

    Neo300 New Member

    I'd like to purchase 2 sets in tan for a '01 GS (small I belive) as soon as possible. Thanks!
  19. NewJersey

    NewJersey New Member

    why does everyone mount them towards the front of the window? (front of car)
    im thinking about a set for a y33 rear windows with black interior. headliner is light grey though. i guess black would be the only way to go, right?
    do these come with the shapeably metal rod for the top?
    i would love to see pics of how the rod installs.
    on the fence but interested.
    any more pics??
  20. pgmotoringusa

    pgmotoringusa VSC Vendor

    $80 for a set of two curtains. so 2 sets for front and back

    I have black in stock or you can go with the gray. Pics will come soon.

    PS- I do need the Euroline SL back in my life :biggthumpup:

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