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Discussion in 'Interior' started by ray316, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. ray316

    ray316 Member

    Does anyone have the belleza curtain measurements for the small ones I bought a some size large ones from autofashion from the clearance and I'm going to have them tailored too fit if anyone knows the measurements i would appreciate it btw they are going on a ls400 if that helps
  2. Blitz

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    I had to read this a few times:

  3. ray316

    ray316 Member

    Sorry about that I typed on my iphone lol ...basically I bought some sz. large curtains I wanna have them tailored to a sz. small which is what most lexus use. I need to know how much to take off thats why I need the measurements for them hopefully thats clearer ....anyone have any input on this?
  4. CrazyHawaiian

    CrazyHawaiian New Member

    I dont want to sound like a jerk, but if they are being custom tailored, and you have the car in front of you, wouldn't it just make sense to measure your door and use those measurements? It seems like you're doing this backwards. I would mock install the rails and measure your door.
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  5. ray316

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    jerk!!!:( jk me i thought about this and most likely that's what i well end up doing ..but i just figured that if the sz. small fits Lexus' sedans perfectly and there's plenty off people that have them on here why not try and see if someone can give me those measurements and just tailor them too mimic those which i know work i was just afraid that if i measure wrong and it I end up taking too much off or mess up somehow's a cheap project anyway so not like it matters

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