Are there any VIP style seat covers?

Discussion in 'Interior' started by TLontheDL, May 20, 2013.

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    Uh.. im not seeing how them being cut with digital cutting machine makes em not crap? So are the walmart specials, or autozone specials.. so are the major aftermarket upholstery manufacturers.. katzkin, roadwire,, pecca gosford.. and those have the notable distinction of being ACTUAL upholstery. Seriously. Point of the matter is simple.. you will NEVER get a slip on cover to fit like upholstery. By design, they cant. If you're ok with a baggy, loose fit, neat. Rock on with your bad self. Ill stick with better fitting, better built upholstery.

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    By the way, for those extolling the virtues of clazzios, lets look at their website, shall we?

    " Why Perforated?

    Comfort. Perforated leather breathes to help your body stay cool in the heat.If staying warm in the cold is your goal, you might want to order one of our heated seat kits.)Because Genuine Leather is so durable, we proudly offer a 3 Year Warranty on any leather seat kit.(See our Warranty Details)

    Is The Whole Seat Leather?

    No, only the INSERT is leather. (Middle of the seat where you sit. Back of seat, and bottom of seat)Why? If the entire seat cover was made out of leather, we would not be able to make the covers fit so tightly over the original seat. *Remember, these are seat covers, not a seat replacement.

    What Is The Body and Headrests Made Out Of?

    The body of the seat cover is made out of our High Quality PVC. This material is very durable, and has a leather texture and look to it. We use this material for the stretching quality, which allows us to make such tight fitting covers, giving your car a FACTORY FIT, not just a store bought loose seat cover look."

    Whew.. where to begin, huh? Lets start at the top, shall we?

    Perforated leather "breathing" is ABSOLUTELY bullshit. Leather is organic, and "breathes" all it needs on its own. "Keeping you cooler"? bullshit. There is a backing of foam (in this case, again off their website, 1/2" foam) that blocks ANY airflow that may be introduced. Its an out and out marketing lie. As far as 100% leather not fitting as tight? anyAgain bullshit. Again, simply marketing bullshit. Its a cost cutting issue, plain and simple.

    For those of you claiming its genuine leather.. read closely. Only the insert is leather. This is the section of your seat where your butt and back touch. The rest is vinyl. Now, hardly any factory upholstery made in the last 20 years is 100% leather, but then again.. NONE that I know of feature this little amount of leather. Most factory (and base model aftermarket) upholstery has leather SEATING surfaces in the front, and inserts only in the rear. MUCH more leather than these junk seat covers.. for the same money. Also, the pleated covers are 100% vinyl. Even cheaper.

    Now, if after doing research, reading and understanding this post, and talking to your local shops, you STILL feel your $650 is well spent on clazzio covers, more power to you. Honestly. But dont poison others minds my spouting patently untrue bullshit to people who dont know better (such as saying they are genuine leather, and implying that means 100% that, as a poster here did, or perforation "breaths".. as clazzio does)

    Its worth noting, btw- that our base "deluxe" kit starts at $699 for most vehicles.. and this is ACTUAL upholstery. I work for one of the big aftermarket upholstery businesses.

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    I can comment on Clazzio because I have owned a set and not to toss out words so loosely used in this thread but they were in fact... "Shit". I had a custom set made with beige on the outside and ivory white for the diamond pattern on the inside. There is no way to make these fit extremely tight without having them stapled down at an upholstery shop or something. They did in fact 'float' while I was driving over the original leather and were no where near close to the quality of real leather. Their custom made diamond stitched seats are FULL PVC and are not comfortable or even close to comfortable as original leather. I now have a black interior swap so I do not own that set anymore but they were nothing close to my black or even my old trashy beige interior.

    I would NOT recommend Clazzio custom covers to ANYONE. Their regular leather, maybe, but custom? Not in a million years. I would rather pay 2k+ for an actual leather replacement than buy from Clazzio again for custom seat covers.



    You can even tell in the second picture that the fitment was not 'spot on' and I tightened as tight as possible. Even the armrest area did not sit perfect and you could NOT CLOSE your rear seat armrest with these covers installed.

    Just figured i'd add in my 2 cents since it seems its a big back and forth about Clazzio themselves..
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    Is it still possible to get these style seat covers?
    I don't see it on their website.
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    they changed it up a little but heres a few things. If your looking for the same exact thing ill have to look into my magazine for the direct link. i dont have it on this computer.
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    yes i actually wanted the exact ones in the magazine.
    i found a japanese website with it but no english website.
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    use online translator or you can call the distribution company and explain which one you like. Im sure they are familiar with the site and can run it down with the assistance you need.
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    I can't say from an ownership perspective but I've seen them in a lot of cars and they look good.

    Do you think stock seats are all leather? Because they're not. The sides and back are almost always vinyl. Not sticking up for Clazzio, they don't make a thing for my car anyhow. But although my seats are like new, they're not comfy, but I wouldn't want to tear them up. Plus my seats are cooled and I would not give that up.

    Anyhow, half the vipstyle stuff out there is super tacky but it's over the top and that's what makes it fun lol
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    too bad Visitor is leaving the forum. I would have liked to see what he's done.

    Aimgain is on par with any other VIP brand, they make seat covers, but I guess they're not "VIP" enough
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    right.... to each his own. How much for a full set up cost on aimgain. Nothing fancy im lokoing for stock gray color if they make it. if not ill settle for black. :/
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    Clazzio is problebly the best bet fore covers

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    I have the clazzio seat covers on another car. Craftsmanship is really great.
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