Are there any VIP style seat covers?

Discussion in 'Interior' started by TLontheDL, May 20, 2013.

  1. TLontheDL

    TLontheDL VSC Super Moderator

    I saw some that JP made. It is labeled as "Seat cover" but it doesn't really cover the seat except for a long cloth that goes down the middle of your back. Are there any seat covers that are like condom slipons?

    XCLSIOR New Member

    Clazzio made some
  3. TLontheDL

    TLontheDL VSC Super Moderator

    Just my luck, they don't make an application for my car lol

    DIRTYATL Active Member

    Mine either. buys fell I'm just gonna cough up $$$ n go custom

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  5. Dranom

    Dranom VSC Super Moderator

    You need atleast 10-20 cars for clazzio to make you some covers. :pat:

    XCLSIOR New Member

    lol. i have a guy in japan who makes some, what kind of car do you have ill ask him
  7. actolex

    actolex New Member

    Probably because they would have to make new patterns for our LHD cars.
  8. Bobafreak

    Bobafreak Member

    Idk what car you have but Garmin makes some for the ucf models they run about 900 plus whatever type of stitching, material, and color you go with. then you have to pay for shipping as well. After said and done you probably be better off finding a local upholstery to get your whole car including headliner for about the same price as seat covers.
  9. visitor

    visitor New Member

    There's nothing vip about slip on seat covers man. Do it right

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    XCLSIOR New Member

    Then why do JP, garson, and clazzio make seat covers...:pat:
  11. OGcima

    OGcima Member

    these are seat covers i imported via yahoo auctions :D

  12. TLontheDL

    TLontheDL VSC Super Moderator

    It's okay, he is a "visitor" :innoutrofl2:
  13. Bobafreak

    Bobafreak Member

  14. TLontheDL

    TLontheDL VSC Super Moderator

    How much did you pay for that, in US dollars?

    **edit: nevermind. Just reread your post above**
  15. visitor

    visitor New Member

    The question isnt why they are made. The question is why would someone buy an overpriced walmart special.

    (btw, clazzio is complete trash. Never seen the other products, so cant comment.)
    You're the first one to make that joke. Ever. I swear.

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    XCLSIOR New Member

    Since it's clear you have no idea what you are talking about, i'll help you out a bit.
    There is a HUGE difference between autozone (and how you so delicately put it, walmart specials) seat covers, and those made by these companies. They are produced with great care and engineering in the fact that they fit like stock, are made of genuine leather, and come in specific looks that are sought after by the VIP car community. Which is why they are $600. They are molded to the seats that the person owns, and are not saggy like your "walmart specials".

    As for clazzio being shit, do you own clazzio covers? Or are you just spreading the shit you have heard from your honda buddies at the local "cock n stop" gas station parking lot. either or, i highly doubt you own a set of clazzio covers, in which case don't speak about things when you have no personal experience to do so.

    In this game a big part of it, is the name. Name brand is everything, and having some sick seat covers by garson or JP would give you just that many points in a show. Not only that, but look dope as hell, and are obviously.... "VIP" (per the picture of the garson covers posted below).
  17. F.L.S.

    F.L.S. New Member

    Visitor: Have you visited Clazzio's manufacturing plant before? Because I have and I can tell you they are made on state of the art, digital cutters for exact same cut, every time, so no, they are not "walmart specials". The ones you buy in USA are actually made right here about 2 miles from me in sunny So-Cal. Those tornadoes are getting to you.

    On another note, to the OP, I'm an Aimgain dealer and Aimgain make some beautiful seat covers. PM me if you're interested in pricing.
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  18. bob_sagat

    bob_sagat New Member

    Do they make covers for the y33 Kevin?
  19. F.L.S.

    F.L.S. New Member

  20. visitor

    visitor New Member

    I assure you I have much more experiance with upholstery than you. Seat covers are trash. They cannot, by design "fit like factory". They slip over your existing upholstery, and not attached by any listings, leading them to "float". Dope as hell... well I guess you may think so. I see absolutely nothing "vip" about halfassing shit. Yes, we've dealt with clazzio covers, many times. Customers coming in, disgusted with the fit (and with good reason). They're garbage.

    But, please, do continue "enlightening" me with your knowledge based on absolutely nothing except the one set of covers you've likely bought and convinced yourself.. is acceptable. Or maybe I have higher standards than you.

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