Anyone running shorten knuckles on the 2gs

Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by boostedsi, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. boostedsi

    boostedsi New Member

    I'm just looking for some feedback on any running or personally knows anyone running, Shorten front knuckles,
    I'm looking at getting mine done and just weighing some pro's and con's
    The specs that I am looking at getting done are 40mm shorter and -5 negative camber.

    Now I'm currently running on insurance group coil-overs (14k) and serial nine front upper adjustable arms and sage rca's 30mm

    Now here's the pro's in my mind
    run super low tons of camber to clear my wheels and ruin tires even more ( im going for a static super low vip look)
    I won't hit the upper arms on the shock towers ( even though the S9 arms give a tonne of clearance)
    I won't have to lower my coil-overs to the limit.

    Now here's my cons.
    I might have to run spacers on the front to clear the short arms due the extra camber.
    Probably should switch out lbj's since the work is half done ( would stock lbj's do the trick?)
    extra wear on tires and maybe steering linkage? ( not to sure)

    But if anyone can chime in I would appreciate it a lot
    thanks !!
  2. boostedsi

    boostedsi New Member

    wow, i guess no one, maybe someone with another model like a Nissan could chime in
  3. brainneeded

    brainneeded Active Member

    there's a thread on this in the suspension forum somewhere i believe
  4. alpha

    alpha New Member

    im running 40mm shorter knuckles in my sentia.
    it has improved handling quite a bit due to UCA being on a reasonable angle.
    but since slamming my car even more, i have even more issue, LCA are on such extreme angle, aswell as my tierods. currently looking at extended balljoints and tierod end kit to drop the arms lower.
    either way, lower you go, shittier the car will feel no matter what you do
  5. boostedsi

    boostedsi New Member

    Ok man thanks I was wondering that also about the Lca, ball joints and tie rod how they lined up. well I took the plunge anyways and bought a set on YAJ for a really good deal, now just the waiting game.
  6. Yeah, look into spherical bearing joints instead of ball joints. Them joints will take a big beating if your running stiff and strong angles. I did so on my Nissan.
    All my arms arms and links are TDemand,Nagisa, bit of american brand but, all spherical joints to go with my 80k spec coilovers.
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  7. boostedsi

    boostedsi New Member

    cool thanks man, yea in the front the only thing i have right now are serialnine uppers and running sage 30mm rca. I've seen some Ikeya formula front lower rods and tension rods, I guess adjustable sway bar links would be a must. I havent upgraded my shocks yet there insurance group 14k/10k i know it won't cut it at those angles, but im thinking of upgrading to a 32k/20k setup.
  8. Juzzo

    Juzzo VSC Super Moderator

    Also keep in mind that when you shorten your knuckles your camber will decrease. I.e. To get the desired negative camber you need more adjustment on your lower/upper arms... That is if you cut&weld em straight as is, but you can combat that problem with aligning the cut upper part better.
  9. boostedsi

    boostedsi New Member

    yes I know exactly what you mean, I ended up getting them, they are shorten 40mm, and have a negative camber of -7 depending on ride height, I won't have them for a month or two, due to sea shipping, but I also ended up picking up some extended front lower arms also which are 30mm.

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