Anyone know the Japanese characters for VIP?

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  1. ajo713

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    So... Im planning to order some custom white lettering from and was hoping someone could help me out with the proper translation of 'American VIP'. In saying that Im trying to figure out the Japanese characters for 'VIP'. I know that 'American' is アメリカン but I can't find anything other then the word bippu or Buiaipī for VIP. If anyone could help me out with the translation in the Japanese that would be a big help. The project itself, seems a little out there, but who knows, it could be cool.
  2. mlracing

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    That's basically how they say it bippu
  3. sojah

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    there is no V in the japanese alphabet. there is no V sound either the closes is B which is why VIP turns to BIP and then knowing a little about the language Japanese add lots of unneeded letters/syllabus to the end of 'foreign' words in this case the word/phrase VIP so that is how you get BIPU or BIPPU rather.

    i've seen a ton of bastardized roman lettering and american words/phrases on japanese cars just like how in the sates it is cool to put some kanji symbols on your car. i guess all i can say is to each his own, it makes me smile to see the horrible attempt at 'being cool'.

    however i have no room to talk as i got two kanji tattoos when i was 18/19 on my arm (from the states) never knowing that i would end up living for years in japan married to a japanese. needless to say the characters/symbols did not exactly mean what the tattoo shop in DC told me they said ;)

    your spelling of America is good and there is nothing wrong with BIPPU although i agree it is super trendy and kinda gay to sound out B I P P U in english but the spelling is essentially the phonetic spelling of the word. just put it on there and if anyone asks you what it says tell them VIP, they won't know the difference anyways and if they do they prolly won't think it is funny since it is pretty much the only way to write VIP using japanese.

    BIPPU = ビップ
  4. firelizard

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    I don't think they use their own characters to say it. If you see it, even in the midst of Japanese text, it will be just 'VIP' or 'VIPCAR'. At least, that is how I have noticed it in Japanese blogsites like Minkara, or on YouTube.
  5. sojah

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    Japanese use a bunch of English letters for some reason, I've been asking around over the years trying to figure out when and why this occurred and the best I could get is folks just saying in the late 70's and throughout the 80's that random shit in japan just started replacing kanji and Japanese lettering with Roman A-Z lettering. For example all the car model names in Japan are written in English, convenience stores, business names etc... why I wonder?? This question blows my mind to try and conceive the reasoning for...

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