Anyone Else Not Like Curtains?

Discussion in 'Interior' started by OCKlasse, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    you've got to be kidding me..

    its not Full smoke
    any tint on the front windows is illegal. but peopel do it anyways and jsut redo it every 2 years
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  2. coco-puffs

    coco-puffs New Member

    I'm kidding you about what?"

    There are owners taking off the tint lately. Still may be a minority but it is increasing. I've heard everything from people realizing it is dangerous to drive w/ tint, not wanting to mess with the police, and giving in to their wife/kids complaining. and いきがってフルスモをしてるオーナーが最近少ないため、カーテンが増えてきたみたいですよ。Yes, I do realize there are people just taking it off every 2 years but a lot of people that goto that extent just use the 裏車検. And I'm aware of the front windshield tint...I used to work at オートウエーブ and since オートバックスdoesn't accept any illegally tinted cars, they all came to us.
  3. zion_97

    zion_97 Banned

    Yo coco-puffs

    whats up with all these セダンは日本車を変える。 wht do they mean???? I get lost reading your posts
  4. coco-puffs

    coco-puffs New Member

    そのセダンは日本車を変える。= That sedan will change the Japanese cars...I guess would be the literal translation. It was the "catch phrase" of the 16 Aristo.
  5. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    If that's the case, why do we see a lot of vip cars in the photo gallery section with 'full smoke' as you say? Or maybe i'm not grasping your concept. i've seen a lot of photos with the windows all tinted, including the winshield. We can't even do that here.
  6. Dominik

    Dominik VSC Super Moderator

    Cops in Japan rarely (if ever?) book you for illegally modded cars i've been told. The only time it counts is when you go for your registration (every 2 yrs), or if you go to super strict service centres it appears.

    Tint is cheap, its not hard to put it on and then take it off for the Shaken.
  7. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    hes trying ot be cool and use some nihongo

    everyone still tints their stuff. i see it every day
    i cant do it because of base. or else my shit would be balck
  8. OG

    OG Active Member

    trying to be cool? he's japanese.
  9. coco-puffs

    coco-puffs New Member

    I've been told ha it all started out as an alternative of full smoke windows, then became a status/accessory thing I guess. I never understood curtains so I may have a biased towards view.

    cops pull you over for fix-it tickets all the time; tint, exhaust, height, etc. For tint, they usually fix it, prove the officials that they did fix it and go right back and put tint back on.
  10. Dominik

    Dominik VSC Super Moderator

    Ah fair enough... Seems a bit more relaxed than out here though. Rolling with Grant in his Y33 that has basically got no exhaust, only a few cm off the ground, and very wide wheels, right next to police who just ignored him

    Over here cops can and will book you for the most trivial of things.

    but its the same story here. Get defected for wheels, take them off, drive to the inspection centre, drive home, put them back on. Tint is a bit more of a hassle, but you still see people doing it
  11. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    Ive been here a year and a half, never seen it done except two bozo cars that were idiots

    ive been pulled over quite a few times for speeding, with no words said but slow down (im not talking 10-20 over either) and there is plenty wrong with my car
  12. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    Yeah coco, no one else here besides Dom and a couple others can actually understand when you are writing in japanese...It'd help if we didn't have to translate someones posts...thanks.

    Anyways, who's wife and kids complain about tint? if anything, I hear more about complaining that I need to tint my windows darker so the sun isn't bright in my car. I'd do it if I didn't already have tint on my car.
  13. coco-puffs

    coco-puffs New Member

    sorry guys, just got excited to see some japanese getting tossed around on a car forum. most people don't even know what a "tsuraichi" is in japan. I'll be careful.

    I actually got pulled over once for exhaust...and twice while in my friends car with a GT wing and kanard and this other time for car being too low/loud... But my friends nor myself never got a ticket for that b/c they need the machine to give you an actual ticket. YokotaS13, you might be getting lucky b/c you have a "Y" plate.

    I've heard of wives complaining b/c they share the car and they can't see outside in the dark and how dangerous it is with the kids in the car and how they don't want to be assosicated with the yakuza/chinpira or doesn't want to be seen as a kid trying to rebel against society (or "ikigatteru" would be the JDM phrase I'm looking for).
  14. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    Yes, and curtains don't create blind spots either right? I'd rather rock tint than curtains, even if it's dark at least i can see. If she can't see out the rear windows, she's got side mirrors. That's what they are for. Learn to use your mirrors! And if it's still too much, then don't drive my car! lol.

    You can always roll down your windows, whereas curtains, you cant as easily pull them back.
  15. zion_97

    zion_97 Banned

    between the the no curtains and no tint post whats next no wheels and no sliggity slam...come on guys this is VIP style...not plain style.. Green tint and window curtains dont make you VIP but they sure do help contribute to the style...

    My wife does not drive my car at all..for one its to low for her, she does not like the ride and thats that..she would rather roll the LX470 any day of the week...when we start talking about function in VIP cars well really there is not to much function in these style cars anyways. I meen when your super low and wheels are cambered heavily you start to loose more funtcion than tint or curtains...

    I guess my point is if you dont like them then cool..but dont try to cherry coat it with beeing functional or not...

    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    I rather and prefer curtains over tint!!!! Why?!
    -Most don't have them
    -Chicks dig em
    -Tint is illegal to some extent in CA and grabs cops attention eaily
    -makes your inteior look more elegant
    -It's Trendy! LOL!
    -easier to get your swerve on in your car! <----try it! It's the best!!! Hehehehe
    -Because it's one of the most baller things you can do to yo car!

    I have not once had a problem w/ blind spots since I've had my curtains which is as long as I've had my car! Anyone who has trouble should learn to use there mirrors and look and pay attention to your surroundings! Really it aint that hard!

    BTW- I had an old lady get my attention on the road to tell me she likes my curtains!
    Hahahahhahaha! Old or not Chicks dig em!
    :giggity:Especially yo chick & yo mom! :biggthumpup:

    Oh and I ALWAYS ride w/ my windows done and still have no problems!

    But as they say different strokes fo different folks!:shrug:
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  17. augdogg

    augdogg VSC Super Moderator

    Funny that you mention that but, I have noticed an increased # of threads that contradict or question aspects of (traditional, if correct) the styling. I mean isn't it what it is? If you don't like or agree w/ it then keep it to yourself. Not liking curtains/tints, what are you tryin to say? If you ain't got them, then you don't have them right? Ppl out there always tryin to segregate the scene or nit pick it. Why?:pat:
  18. zion_97

    zion_97 Banned

    glad you understood...I mean there alot of cars in the mags that do and dont have tint, do and dont have curtains but the ones I seem to like the most are the ones with the green tint or the curtains..most of all the white curtains as they seem to be more outside the norm from what most folks have here in the states.. Like I said before VIP styling is far from functional...unless you are on the very conservative side wich is tall springs big wheels no camber and can roll anyware with out trouble..NOt to say that low low is the only way to go but once again most cars that I give props to are the ones that have perfect fitment ( takes alot of time and planning for this at one desired ride hieght) and that are sliggity slammed..if they have curtains and tint then thats just cherries on the cake in my book..I think it makes it look more gangster with green tint and curtains but thats just my .02....this comment is not directed to anyone on the dont read into it to much
  19. coco-puffs

    coco-puffs New Member

    Well, the thread title is "Anyone Else Not Like Curtains?" and not "Who likes curtains?" so I would expect comments about people not liking curtains...
    And it is in a Debate section so I would expect opinoins from both sides. If you like them, cool, if you rock them, I think it's unique and cool too.
  20. coco-puffs

    coco-puffs New Member

    Is this statement a personal attack towards me b/c I don't like curtains :shrug:, just messing with you:smiley: . I totally agree wtih your comment...curtains do make it more gangster and more gangster is always cooler to me too.

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