Anyone Else Not Like Curtains?

Discussion in 'Interior' started by OCKlasse, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. OCKlasse

    OCKlasse VSC Super Moderator

    I realize I will have my ass kicked for this thread, but is there anyone besides me that loves "VIP style" without the seat trays, curtains, and little stuffed animals that come along with it? Alright, flame on!
  2. AutofashionFred

    AutofashionFred VSC Super Moderator

    To be honest I dont like the Curtains thats why I never put them in my car. They are in my lil bros GS because it had it way back when curtains were not all over the place and we are deciding on taking them out. I admit it does give the car some class feel when your in it but i think its not my steez.
  3. OCKlasse

    OCKlasse VSC Super Moderator

    Well, I guess how I feel about is it's your car. You're not being chauffeured around in it, what's the point? I love them on a Maybach...
  4. beangrower

    beangrower New Member

    i thought they were stupid to begin w/ (150-200 for a pair of curtains???)...but then i found out they might be useful, if you actually use them. I park outside alot so extending the curtains while parked i'm sure should block some of the heat and sun rays...right?
  5. zion_97

    zion_97 Banned

    I like the curtains. Especially the white cause uumm those are the most uncommon color around even on this forum.. At first I thuoght how silly why would you want curtains in your car, but just like the way that tons of - camber at first I did not like now I love and love the curtains...I prefer the mesh style so you can still see through them and there not as a distraction. They might be popular here on the fourm but as a whole in the us they are very uncommon...I dont know if Damicci has curtains so for me might beeing the only one in Tucson AZ with curtains in my ride makes it very uncommon and very PIMP....I am allways getting looks and comments...Some old lady told me how she liked my drapes in my car while another person said it look like a hurse...hahahaha...but

    No one should kick you behind for this..if they do they are just acting silly...this is a great topic and would love to hear others opinions...

    Stuffed animals...naa I wouldnt roll with JP hello kitty stuffed animals or any other kind for that matter...I am a 32 year old man not a little kid who needs his no no fore me on those..

    the wood tables I do like. I think it adds tons of class and make the cars interior look more luxury...could be a hazard though if you roll with far as the carmate mini tables allthough I have one they are pretty cheaply made and very unfunctional..they dont hold really anything bigger than the smallest water bottle and are allways falling down on the air vents..those I would not by again and think allthough kinda look cool when you do see them in person they are just pieces of plastic..the bar that slides out on the bottom is allways comming loose and like i said very unfuctional...I only use them when I take pics sometimes I dont even bother to put them in....some one want to buy a mini car mate table for cheap????hahahahahaha...

    lets see what others have to say.
  6. elpresidente

    elpresidente Administrator

    I like curtains. I wish I had the $$ for the motorized Arden ones...but I'll settle for the ones I'm fabbing.
  7. DriftGirl

    DriftGirl Banned

    I like the curtains. I actually took mine apart and just used the rails with a different fabric I wanted to go with. Motorized would be nice.

    My windows are as black as the paint tho...I try to get my creep-on thru the city :biggthumpup:

    JP Hello Kitty in a girls cars only IMHO
  8. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    I think curtains should be one of the last mods a person should do if they choose to run them. To me theres nothing worse then seeing a stock looking car with curtains especially an older car. I told a few people, once I start seeing them in NY on civics and carollas (its bound to happen) im removing mine.
  9. vip tint+glass

    vip tint+glass Active Member

    its the #1 mod that the girlies like. especially wit da crystals
  10. OG

    OG Active Member

    i like curtains, but as a finishing touch on a well done traditional build. trays are cool, but i have been weary with quality/functionality concerns. i have already made my feelings about men with hello kitty clear. these things really only fit in with one of the styles encompassed by vip styling, so i love it w/ or w/o.
  11. Blitz

    Blitz Active Member

    I don't like it...but if I don't have much else to mod then why not...
  12. nizzan4u2nv

    nizzan4u2nv Member

    I totally agree with you. You gotta start with the fundamentals, then move on to small styling cues. Im approaching a level where I feel its appropriate to run interior styling cues like curtains and neckpads. I dont see the point of small styling cues when your car has horrible stance/style wheels.

    Anyway, I like curtains but not sure how they play a role in daily driving. IE, if they get annoying with the windows down, or lack of visibility and what not. It is one of those things where people will look at your car and wonder why the hell you have curtains. It reminds of those big family vans from the 80s, I remember those rockin curtains.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2007
  13. firelizard

    firelizard VSC Super Moderator

    I like them, but they're not suited to either of my cars.

    Well, sometimes I think it would be nice to have Garson curtains in the Protege once it's done, but it's not a necessity, just a finishing touch. I think they would be bothersome in it as a DD, not to mention thief bait wherever I park my car.
  14. jubei07

    jubei07 New Member

    At first I didn't really care for them, but then I started to realize my interior seemed bland. So I got some Garsons, Man it really changes the ambiance inside. People trip when they see it from the outside, but when they take a ride with me they are like " Man I feel like a president or a celebrity riding in here!!" I love them now. Everyone loves the crystal BLING-BLING!!!
  15. DaygoVIP619

    DaygoVIP619 New Member

    +1 :biggthumpup: :biggthumpup:
  16. Benji

    Benji VSC Super Moderator

    Yup, I use mine a lot in the summer when I park outside. They pretty much help out with the interior heat when getting back in the car.

    Yea, if only mine were motorized, they would be so cool.

    I have no crystals. :sad: but they are still chick magnets.

    Yea, the expressions I get from people riding with me are funny. They sometimes joke about having me drive them around with no one sitting shotgun, I'm like yea right, better get yo ass up front son!
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  17. DriftGirl

    DriftGirl Banned

    :smiley-rofl: :smiley-rofl: :smiley-rofl: :smiley-rofl: :smiley-rofl: :smiley-rofl:
  18. golfkid777

    golfkid777 Member

    I think they can look alright, but I put them in my car for a week and hated driving with them and sold them... Never again for me on a car thats actually gonna get driven.
  19. Benji

    Benji VSC Super Moderator

    For those who do have them, but are bothered by reduced blind spot vision, try tightening their straps down all the way and slide the curtain hooks as far as possible to the end of the rail to make them as skinny as possible. I do this with my set and they give more blind spot visibility as well as minimize movement when driving with the windows down.
  20. golfkid777

    golfkid777 Member

    I had no trouble with blindspot issues. I drove a car strapped in with 5 point harnesses for 2 years. I couldnt see isht. I just didnt like thier presence while in the car. Just personal. I do love how they look from the outside though.

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