Another update to Dajap's LS430

Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by Dajap, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Pshn_w8

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    you car looks so good man. wow.
  2. jeebus

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    Good to see this car still going. Looks great.
  3. Midway-VIP

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    very nice
  4. YaKuZa_GS

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  5. OG

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    just gets better and better. how 'bout an updated mod list?
  6. icenpinki

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    car looks great!!!!!!
  7. Dajap

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    I have to say.... THANK YOU to all that helped make this build possible over the years and to all that support this build! First and foremost, I have to thank my awesome wife, Jolyne, that understands and enjoys my hobby as much as I do and for allowing me to spend extra money on the LS. Everybody knows that $$$ makes shit happen but in reality the friendship, talent, help, service from these people listed below have made this build so enjoyable and possible.

    - Sean (JDMPalace)
    - Freddie/Elroy and staff from AutoFashion
    - Samson from Revison Audio
    - Fred and staff from Jocson's Paint and Autobody

    With my first child (daugher) due in March, the build will be a lot slower than it has already been.... Good News is that my wife has finished her BSN for Nursing and I can't wait to have two pay checks in the household again! A lot of things on my mind to progress the LS430 but my priorities have now changed, but I will not abandon the LS. So keep an eye out because I don't plan to sell or quit the build anytime soon.

    2004 Lexus LS430 Ultra Luxury

    Repainted Flint Mica Factory Color
    Mode Parfume Regalia Front Bumper - Shaved front license plate mount, center support bar, and headlight washers.
    Mode Parfume Regalia Side Skirts
    Mode Parfume Regalia Rear Bumper - Shaved fins / air hole? / and position lights. Modified to house Audi TT Rear Fog Light.
    Mode Parfume Prism Sync Chrome Fog Lights
    Mode Parfume Dhalia II Exhaust Tips w/ Flow Master standard muffler.... Nothing special.
    Widened 5mm front fenders / widened 15mm rear fenders
    Shaved "Lexus" / "LS430" Emblems
    Junction Produce before M/C Rear wing - Modified for after M/C Center "L" Emblem
    Junction Produce Roof Wing
    Junction Produce Eye Lids
    Shaved Driver handle Key hole w/ OEM Passenger handle parts.
    Ebay Badgeless grill... I know I know... Let the flaming begin. Couldn't justify the $1K+ Junction Produce Grill... for now.
    JDM Toyota Celsior Window Visors
    6000K HID for Headlights
    6000K HID for Fog Lights

    Junction Produce Headrest (Front) - Tailored to be a slimmer profile.
    Junction Produce Metallic Silver “Kiku Knot” Fusa
    Junction Produce Lucky Charm
    Air Runner Gauges

    Air Runner w/ Manual valves
    5 Gallon Pancake Tank
    2x Compressors
    Data System Controler - SOLD. (Too slow raise/lower and problems with lowering when driving at highway speed)
    Accuair E-Level - SOLD. (Considering to Re-install at later date.... Miss those damn presets)
    Nagisa Upper Control Arms
    Nagisa Camber/Stroke Blocks - SOLD. (Upper part of the wheel did not sink enough)
    Nagisa Rear Upper Control Arms
    Nagisa Toe Arms
    Youzealand SS Kit Pro - SOLD. (Limits upper travel. Very limiting with a body kit)
    GenB high Caster bushing - In route.
    Tom's Front Upper Strut Bar
    TRD Front Lower Bracing - In route.

    Weds LXZ Front - 20x9.5 +0 / Nitto 555 225/35/20 (Custom Step Lip w/ Offsets from Weds) Thanks Sean!!!
    Weds LXZ Rear - 20x11 +6 / Nitto 555 245/35/20

    Junction Produce Big Brake Kit - Front 355 Rotors with 6 Pot Calipers / Rear 355 Rotors with 4 Pot Calipers
    StopTech Big Brake Top Hats
    Custom Caliper Brakets - CAD developed by AutoFashion

    Custom trunk set up with infinity mirrors by AutoFashion
    Alpine Type "X" Subwoofer x2
    Alpine Type "X" Component Set
    Alpine PDX-600.1 x2
    Alpine PDX-4.100 x1
    Audio Control 8 CH Line Output Converter

    Tom's Super Ram Air Filter

    Probably some more that I can't think of right now.... Been drinking since I got home... LOL Officially a Drunk Sailor.
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  8. sojah

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    i think you picked the best kit on the market hands down. the Mode Parfume Regalia for the LS430 and the 18Crown are some of the best ever made,, if only my wife had the same opinion i would be rockin' one on the crown right now. can i ask if you paid full price? if not then i need to get your source...
  9. jbo

    jbo VSC Super Moderator

    Car came out beautiful bro which comes as no suprise everything you've done is tasteful and classy this goes for your previous and current build. Congrats to you and your family on all the new things you have going on especially the soon to be little girl this one is gonna be a game changer shes gonna have you wrapped around her little finger trust me I know because Im currently on that road and loving every minute of it. Again awesome car looking forward to seeing it evolve even more...
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  10. Dajap

    Dajap Member

    Thanks. PM'd for Kit info.

    Thank you Jbo. I'm super pumped about my daughter! Like I said, I still have plans for the LS, they are just going to be lower in the priority.
  11. 00scotty

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    Congrats homie, kids will make your life a lot more fulfilling, esp. when you sliding down through town, and your bundle of joy is in your rear view....its an awesome feeling, i know
  12. ultm8mind

    ultm8mind Member

    I sometimes think I should've waited to have kids and do something big like this, like you I share the military budget, lol. But I am glad and content man, you will be too. You're right though, the build will slow quite a bit, lol, kids...
  13. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member

    Love everything about this car enjoyed seeing this in person at AF and currently is my desktop and a main reason why I want a Lexus now...

    But what military budget you guys sharing?? Haha when I was a contactor yea maybe but not for me when I was enlisted in the Army...but getting demoted twice I'm sure didn't help lol
  14. Dajap

    Dajap Member

    Thanks man... Means a lot coming from you! Your car blew my mind when I saw you pulling up! Wish we could have met up at the meet... I swear people should were name tags with their VSC Username.


    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    We tried that one year
    Didn't work to well
    Nobody was really down for that
  16. Celsior21

    Celsior21 Member

    Awesome build Dajap. Sadly I could not make it to the AF meet. But I am sure I will see you around.
  17. Dajap

    Dajap Member

    Hahaha figures. I guess you just got to know a homie that knows a homie or blindly venture out and talk to people. Good times regardless!
  18. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member

    Yea I totally agree with the name tag comment...I probably walked by you and almost every other forum member on here and didn't even realize it. Would of been nice to converse with more of the forum members but next year I suppose.
    I am looking at getting a LS430 or 460 next.
    Keep it classy and take notes from LS's like yours... the wow factor I gained on my Y33 I sacrificed the wow how am i gonna get this up my driveway factor.
    I'ma build a ride that would make Ron Burgundy approve
  19. levie

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    so nice. adore the wheels.

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