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Discussion in 'Interior' started by drivnovrdaedge, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. drivnovrdaedge

    drivnovrdaedge New Member

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>Please post pics of your aftermarket steering or links to setup on the interweb <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


    im just wondering what is the verdict on using aftermarket steering wheels. i have recieved comflicting opinions about them.

    i found this wheel for sale locally .. just wondering if anyone has pics of nardi steering wheel in a y33 ....

  2. OG

    OG Active Member

    if you like it rock it.

    if someone tells you "i don't like that steering wheel" then they're just giving an opinion (acceptable), if they say "that steering wheel isn't vip" then they are f**king tools (unacceptable). i only mention this cause i've seen it happen online.

    i'm personally a nardi fan, but i like the classic to match the theme of my older cars. that newer design looks like it would work well in a 33.
  3. EliteAutoStyle

    EliteAutoStyle VSC Vendor

    This is the one from my old car. Garson/Italvolanti Steering wheel w/ Luxury Crystal Ring
  4. berlinas2k2

    berlinas2k2 New Member

    Here is mine:

    Italvolanti/Garson Wheel (lacking the crystal ring, one day I will buy one)...

  5. VI IX

    VI IX Active Member

    a little sporty, but would still look nice-ish.
  6. JunctionVIP

    JunctionVIP New Member

    ^ I agree.

    Depends on the look you are going for. That is more of a "performance" classic look as opposed to a "VIP" look.
  7. EliteAutoStyle

    EliteAutoStyle VSC Vendor

    You have an Italvolanti Steering wheels. Its not the Garson one. Close, but the Garson steering does not have the bumps on the wood grip and the angle cut of the wood is different.
  8. JunctionVIP

    JunctionVIP New Member

    The newer generation wheels have the bumps in the wood if I am correct.
  9. G33kY97

    G33kY97 New Member

    what car is this? are those the factory gauges?

    looks hot

  10. shawnthemonster

    shawnthemonster King Moderator

    fabulous steering intense:
    sessions itavolanti steering wheel (for sale):
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  11. berlinas2k2

    berlinas2k2 New Member

    I thought you were doing wood shawn?
  12. EliteAutoStyle

    EliteAutoStyle VSC Vendor

    Nope, just ordered one this past Nov. and they still look the same.
    That was my old JZS147 Aristo. I had the gauges custom made by a shop in Japan
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  13. shawnthemonster

    shawnthemonster King Moderator

    nope ;) i got some interior surprises tho....
  14. 4drferio

    4drferio New Member

    nice want one for my gs
  15. BLKVIP

    BLKVIP Member

    OMG that sessions is much pm me!!!!! lol

  16. projecty33

    projecty33 New Member

    I need either one of these to go in my Q. Maybe both and alternate! haha. I can't find an aftermarket hub for the y33 though.
  17. rich27

    rich27 New Member

    I agree, if you like it rock it.
  18. nervekiler

    nervekiler New Member

    aftermarket steering wheels look good. way nicer than the worn out POS steering wheel i got on my old car.
    i just dont like how out of place they look with that huge plastic peice behind the steering wheel. theres gotta be something better you can do to that and all the levers that usually hide behind the huge stock steering wheel.
    anyone got any pics of someones whos taken on that thing too?
  19. anybody know where I can get a garson or italvolanti steering wheel? any vendors here?
  20. Meverett

    Meverett New Member

    I think I read another thread and they said they used a s14 hub

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