98-05 clear lexus gs fog lights

Discussion in 'Sessions USA/ForJWorks' started by sessions-usa1, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    Ok you got a mail. But I will pass on selling a set to you.
  2. sakataj

    sakataj New Member

    haha ok, your a joke btw as a vendor.... i have to PM you OVER AND OVER (5 times to be exact since 12/28/11) to get any information about these yet alone a paypal address to send the $ to and now you dont wanna sell them to me? pffft ok, saves me as i probably wouldnt have gotten them anyways

    just so people know dude is ripping you off,you can get them from japan for $192 + shipping yourself so if he worked up a group buy through them im sure it would be even less def not his $320 (another heads up he was willing to sell them to me for $300 paypal and shipping included)



    Ok you got a mail. But I will pass on selling a set to you.[/QUOTE]
  3. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor


    ok .........there is no need for getting all worked up, there is other vendors. i never ask plz buy the fog lights from me.

    thank you for your time

    BLKVIP Member

    odd question, think these would fot ucf21? look similar to mine...

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