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    What's going on guys and girls,

    Recently got finished with a wire tuck and a shave on my daily eg6, so I finally can get onto my recent pick up: 1996 "silver" KA9. I've had an itch for quite some time now to move up in the world of modifying a vehicles and with the recent addition of the KA, I've got a starting point.

    History on the car is quite long. I opened up a performed shop with a buddy of mine a little over a year ago and things have been good. Rather than working for Honda, or Acura, we make our own decisions and are our own bosses.
    We had traded work for this car, I can't remember what exactly, but our end of the job was to do belts and a little other work on the car to keep her running. We get the belts completed on the vehicle and I have a little time to look at her. To put it honestly, the cars wrecked. Inside has stains on every seat, all over the carpet, door panels, headliner. You name it is probably got an issue. With that job done we part ways with the car. Thinking to myself, well I know why they fetch 5k around here, this ones not worth junk money.
    Time passes and out of the blue, the customer calls my buddy at the shop. Asking for my number and if I was interested in buying the vehicle. I asked him what's the catch, he replays with well it's going to need a trans. Turns out its stuck in Sarasota and won't ingauge gears. The wrecking yard will pay 500 for it he tells me. So I tell him I'd come get the car for 500 and figure out how to get it down here.
    A long story short, I now have my RL that I've been wanting and can start tearing her apart as soon as I find the time and space to put everything aside.
    Love it or hate it, I've got a 1996 Acura RL and I want to make it my own.

    Any help with questions I have in the future is very much appreciated, ahead of time.

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    Pulled the motor out a few months back. relocating/deleting ABS modulator and installing OEM Honda proportion valve with new hard lines. Plan on dropping the new motor back into the car once I've got everything that i need to get accomplished out of the way. So that im not trying to squeeze around in the engine bay.

    More updates (with pictures hopefully) as i get around to it.

    If anyone with an RL is reading this, i would like to hear what Offsets/Wheel and tire setup you've got. Thanks guys,

  3. congrats on the ka9 its a great car although not a platform vip car its accepted if done right. good luck

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