8th Generation Accord Coupe .

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  1. chamorrodude

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    Hafa Adai and How's it? My name's Joe, im 18 and i'm from Guam but living in San Diego, CA. I've been a huge fan of VIP style for a long time now and have been a member for a while just haven't really posted that often. Sadly, i'm still in a 2-Door vehicle, but i plan to finish off this car, save for a while then part-out and hopefully get myself a nice platform. I know it's not VIP or anything near it but i consider it more instant gentleman/lux style if anything. Thanks to Freddie and the rest of the Autofashion USA Family for inspiration and support! Here we go.

    2010 Honda Accord Coupe

    Black/Chrome Billet Grille
    V6 Lip Spoiler
    30/15 Tint
    WeatherTech Window Visors
    Junction Produce Emblem (Needs to be removed)

    Wheels & Tires:
    Linea Corse Dyna
    19x8.5+25F (5mm Spacer)
    19x10+23 (15mm Spacer)
    Hankook V12 225/35/19F 255/35/19R
    Muteki Lugs

    Megan EZ Street Coilovers
    SPC 3-Arm Camber Kit

    Crosstour Woodgrain
    Clazzio Leather Seat Covers
    Random Junction Produce Accessories

    Kicker Two 10" Comps Subwoofers
    Kicker ZX400.1 Amplifier
    Custom Panel






  2. blakuza

    blakuza VSC Vendor

    Nice glows :biggthumpup:
  3. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    Looking really Nice ,
  4. a.blanco0905

    a.blanco0905 New Member

    Looking good... I think I seen ur car in stance nation.
  5. chamorrodude

    chamorrodude New Member

    So i parted out the audio system after a burnt amp and decided to go lower and space the wheels out some more. I also picked up a HFP body kit recently and went back to chrome lugs.

    new offsets:





  6. 00scotty

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  7. 415mm

    415mm New Member

    Clean. Not overdone.
  8. ray316

    ray316 Member

    the new stance and the HFP lip kit made a huge difference!! i like it
  9. Schnitz

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  10. 4DGS

    4DGS New Member

    Really clean!

    Need some bigger pics, those are tiny!
  11. psyk0tic808

    psyk0tic808 New Member

    at first i thought they were real work T1S's...

    none the less, it looks really clean....never seen this car in San diego..do you go to any local meets..?
  12. chamorrodude

    chamorrodude New Member

    Eh no such thing as fake t1s to be honest because they have a similar design to a lot of wheels like HRE. Sold the wheels tho but ill have them on until the autofashion festival and right after that ill be on stocks until i can get myself a nice set of works, were, or Leon harditts. And yeah I attend the Clairemont meets every now and then and the Wednesday meets in eastlake

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