3-piece welded wheels and silicone

Discussion in 'Wheels and Suspension' started by timmy0tool, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. timmy0tool

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    my questions are in regards to 3-piece WELDED wheels that utilize silicone on the barrels (e.g. SSR).

    is silicone necessary for welded wheels?

    what i am assume is that not all welds are air tight which is why companies such as SSR use silicone to seal the seam between the lip and barrel. is this correct? the reason i am curious is due to fact that my silicone has seen better days and is compromised in some areas. of course it held air before, and a simple reapplication of silicone would solve this possibly minute issue.

    secondly, what is the best method to remove the silicone? wire wheel? chemical stripper?

    thanks in advance folks!
  2. timmy0tool

    timmy0tool Member

    for reference taken from another post.

  3. OG

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    i think you're on the money. i believe the silicone is there as a back up measure. a wire wheel or scotchpad disk should make quick work of it.
  4. Dranom

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    yeah. a Wire wheel on a grinder will take that out easy
  5. 4DGS

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    Wear a hat and a respirator, not because the silicone is bad for you or anyhting but the OEM silicone seems to get stringy quick and fly like crazy.

    Unless you like the taste and pulling little bits of it out of your hair for days lol

    Also, final clean up Goof off (this is the name of the product) can be found at wal mart or whatever, usually gets the last bit of residue left over!

    And when replacing it, your best bet is RTV black. But most metal to metal silicones will do the trick for much less money than the RTV stuff.

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