1991 LS400 FOR SALE

Discussion in 'Cars For Sale' started by ucf10916, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. ucf10916

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    Im selling my 1991 Lexus LS400
    Mileage: about 370,000-ish - runs strong
    Pearl White w/ silver 2 tone stock
    Lowered on Tanabe DF210 springs
    Tinted Windows
    New Starter
    Custom Intake
    Chrome stock wheels
    Clear Corners
    Aftermarket Tranny from previous owner
    New NGK Spark plugs and wires getting installed on wednesday

    ** The Bads **
    Interior carpet is super dirty from previous owner
    Rips in both front leather seats
    Cracked dash board
    Broken sunroof w/ dents on roof - unsure if the sunroof racks are aligned - HIGHLY DOUBT IT
    dented hood
    Possible heater core is going out
    has a gas leak as well

    Im looking to get atleast $1,500 OBO.
    Price is negotiable

    Cell: 19163884827 - call or text

    ** COME CHECK IT OUT AT 2509 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821 across the street from the lexus dealership.

  2. ucf10916

    ucf10916 New Member


    PRICE DROP TO $1000
  3. JP-LS400

    JP-LS400 Member

    Post pics please
  4. JUICEDW140

    JUICEDW140 New Member

    1K for a car that originally cost 35....not bad
  5. Qfour5

    Qfour5 New Member

    Interested possibly more details and pics please

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