18 crown majesta (uzs186)

Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by sojah, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. sojah

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    thanks alpha. i also just got confirmation on the 18 crown site that they are good. so those adjustable megan UCA's are like $200. i'm thinking of running like -5 to -6 degrees in the rear. i hope the UCA's will do the trick but now i'm wondering if that will mess with the toe too much and require the other arms/rods.
  2. alpha

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    you need 2x arms on rear to get camber bro, pain in the ass but the only way how to achieve camber on rear.
  3. sojah

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    so you think it is okay to just go with the upper and lower rear arms for safely adding the negative camber for th rear?

    the car shop my car is at told me last night that they recommended just getting all the arms for the rear. but that is 4 different types of arms; upper arms, lower arms, tension rod, and toe control arm. adding the tension rod and toe control arm adds another $500 just for parts and another $200 for install so if i can safely avoid that $700 i would like to do that.

    just upper and lower rear arms are like $700 plus shipping and install is close to $1000.
  4. alpha

    alpha New Member

    these are megan racing amrs you will need. rear upper arms, and rear upper front arm, this will bring top of the wheel inside
    shouldnt cost you any more than 26000yen per set
  5. alpha

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  6. sojah

    sojah Member

    dude, thanks so much, i am going to try to order these tomorrow. i'm thinking if i can pull in the top of the wheel and get it to be around -8 degrees (been looking at a bunch of reference pics) it should look more flush and less ghetto baller to me...
  7. alpha

    alpha New Member

    no worries dude
    im surprised you havent gone with a camber kit (SS) instead of the one you have now.
  8. sojah

    sojah Member

    come again? what exactly are you talking about? presently the car has the dataSystems controller, stock air ride, and the YouZeland SS kit that drops the body 3cm.
  9. alpha

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  10. sojah

    sojah Member

    thank you. so i don't speak a lot of japanese and my car shop speaks very very little english. but i just spoke with him and he said presently the SS kit i just had him install won't work with the rear camber arms and was basically saying i needed something like what you just linked to above.

    since i haven't actually driven the car yet i don't know what kind of height clearance i am going to have once the kit is put on. so i am hesitant to pick 30mm or 50mm drop yet. i'm hoping it will be perfect with the 50mm drop and the arms but i guess i need to wait and see first then decide. if it doesn't hit the ground on L then i will go with the 50mm. it is does touch the ground on L then i either need 20's and go with the 50mm or get some of these in 30mm drop. either way it will happen. now if it would only stop raining so they could finish my car ;)
  11. alpha

    alpha New Member

    sounds like a pain lol. not sure why he thinks that ss kit wont work with camber arms. ss kit only meant to space out the knuckle(hub) might pay off to have a browse and see what 3GS and 2IS have done to achieve max low. but then they are all static unless aftermarket air. lucky that my crown wasnt air, makes life heaps easier
  12. sojah

    sojah Member

    well my last 18 crown athlete i went air cups on coilovers.

    i used to have this same stock air with the controller and ss kit a few years back on my LS430 but after an air strut went out i switched to coilovers. i figure this time i will roll with the stock air until one goes out then decide to go full air or what, at that time...
  13. alpha

    alpha New Member

    yeah i find my crown stupidly impractical on coilovers, esp with my massive as kit. thinking of switching to Aimgain or K-Break cause front sits a bit higher
  14. sojah

    sojah Member

    i really got used to having my air cups on my coilovers. the kit i had was only $2500 and its not as good as a full air kit supposedly but i thought it was great.

    now for me i'm going back to having a very slow air almost no air ;) pretty much just allow me to ride at a decently low height but be able to slam it for meets and photo opps...

    i really want to go full air at some point just not in a hurry to drop $5k+ anytime soon. maybe if/when i get my 2 year extension (job contract if you will) approved i will pull the trigger, which would be around January...
  15. sojah

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    word. just saw it bout to be mounted and it was still very sexy. here are some pics :D

    still a work in progress this is beta version 0.9 :D gonna have them spray the front bumper mesh grill inserts black to match as well as some other stuff turned black in the back... stay tuned.


  16. brainneeded

    brainneeded Active Member

    i know you had a bad time with the kit, but it looks pretty good.
  17. juvi22003

    juvi22003 Member

    Came out pretty good !
  18. sojah

    sojah Member

    thanks... and it is still a work in progress, not because it is a vip car so therefore it is always a work in progress, i mean my initial plans included more stuff,, then it will move into the continuous progress mode of just being a normal vip car.

    originally i had intended to smoke out the tails and the rear center lights, but after hearing about and doing some researching it appears that i have a very rare package on a very rare car sold in extremely low numbers. the rear tail lights other than the red part are normally clear. since mines are like yellowish (i'm actually color blind so not sure really what color they are). Plus the inner lenses where the reverse lights are at are normally clear. mines are half clear and half red, which i think is stooopid so i was originally gonna black them all out like this pic here, but now i'm debating leaving the tail lights as is. thoughts??

    majesta rear with BP.jpg

    rear black.jpg
  19. mlracing

    mlracing Member

    Looks good despite all what happened
  20. NELSON09

    NELSON09 Active Member

    I'm a sucker for all red tails...blinkers, reverse, brakes, everything all red!

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