'04 black/saddle ucf31/ls430...new member here

Discussion in 'VIP 101' started by adob0, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. OG

    OG Active Member

    looks good. diggin the saddle.
  2. tjextreme

    tjextreme New Member

    real good start man. looking real good. the saddle is sickkkkk. might try to get saddle done in my GS :runcoold:

    keep up the work!!
  3. 20sburning

    20sburning New Member

    I was thinking about doing the same thing
  4. HomeDawwg

    HomeDawwg New Member

    Your interior is THE BOMB!!!

    Love what you have done so far. Are you going to get some wider/more offset wheels?
  5. mrkenji

    mrkenji New Member

    good stuff man.. great pickups. thats a pretty clean DC5. it would be really sick if you just had some more jdm wheels. but im feeling the LS cant wait to see more updates!
  6. Bippu Insanity

    Bippu Insanity New Member

    Hoss, you hear that!!!! You know I've got a whole lot of nice 3 piece wheels sitting all over the house.
  7. Franklin

    Franklin Member

    Awesome. Where in Florida do you reside? Orlando?
  8. adob0

    adob0 New Member

    well hook a brotha up, foo.:slap:

    franklin: gulf coast area. pensacola/pensacola beach
  9. Pagong

    Pagong VSC Super Moderator

    Love that interior.!!!

    Good luck with the project.
  10. jubei07

    jubei07 New Member

    Holy Sh*t Warren, nice ride you scored big time on that one. I actually wanted one like this for my next ride. I am driving a Y33 / 2001 Q45T. On staggered Amistad and Insurance Group coils. Man you should have came through on your way back from MIA. Heck come through anytime bro. Is Mike still in Hawaii, he could prolly hook you up with parts right?
  11. adob0

    adob0 New Member

    mel, sup fam. Yeah at that price i had to jump on it with the quickness. Literally within seconds of finding it, I was on the phone with the sales guy haha. That ebay listing was up for only 2 hours!

    word to nas..."If I ruled the world and everything in it, sky's the limit, I'd push a Q-four five Infinite"

    man i was looking at amistad dishes but they're discontinued :( i love the look of those type rims.

    If i would have known everyones address i would've stopped to see yall! Yeah, Mike is still in hawaii. I'm sure he could hook us up!
  12. adob0

    adob0 New Member

    threw on some wheels this mornin and snapped a few quick pics...




    ^driving height. adjusted rods/sensors. 8F 7R on data controller
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2009
  13. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

    Looks sick. I would love a 430UL with saddle, that's an awesome find. Step your wheel game up on that integra, rotas!?!?! You're obviously too baller for that shit!
  14. augdogg

    augdogg VSC Super Moderator

    Nice intro Warren and welcome to the site!
  15. jubei07

    jubei07 New Member

    Hot damn son!!! The wheels look good on there. Damn your balling out of control. What's next homie? One day I am gonna have to come through, or if you want come to j'ville. Hit me up some time 904-228-1247.
  16. adob0

    adob0 New Member

    ^ fa sho fam. nah i mos def wouldn't say ballin'...more like ballin' on a budget haha. word, i hit you up on pm. we got to plan a family vacation where EVERYBODY goes out to vegas/cali.

    blackanese: as far as the teg is concerned...i know man...rotas, sigh. haha, honestly it really doesn't bother me for some reason. one day i'll get some spoons or something.
    augdogg: thanks for the welcome! what else is needed to become a regular member here?
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2009
  17. jeffreyma

    jeffreyma New Member

    sick ucf31, simply so clean
  18. NewLife

    NewLife New Member

    That is a very rare colour combination (at least around here) looks great – love the D3S' :biggthumpup:
  19. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    Whats up bro ! damn love to see the build and that my wheels are still on te boards and amazing pick up ! omg I am going to have to get me one too

    with saddle !!!! wtf ! love it
  20. taeng

    taeng New Member

    wow your car looks great with that saddle!

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