03-07 Honda Accord Tein H Tech and Retrofitted Headlights

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    03-07 Honda accord coupe (2dr) or sedan (4dr) 4 cylinder tein h tech springs 60-70k miles. mounted on sedan struts and shocks with top hat (struts and shocks with about 90k miles.) id recommend new shocks and struts, strut mounts are still good. sprigs are 180ish new and top hats are around 20-30 each new.
    $150 picked up.

    everything sold as is, no part out.


    03-07 Honda accord headlights. retrofitted with clear tsx projectors (with cutoff mod), retrofit source e55 shrouds, comes with d2s adapters. could use new bulbs. a wet sand and quick reseal will have these looking minty fresh. cut off is not 100% perfect, but pretty damn close. this is a custom item and is about 8 hours of labor to complete, plus the cost of parts. sold as is.
    $400 picked up.




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